Beat Patrol (2014)

Music-Shooter action game! Blast your way through waves of aliens using notes of the song!

Originally developed in Actionscript, and later in Haxe + OpenFL with the Haxepunk Engine.


Built with Patrick Rainville and a shared passion for music games, Beat Patrol is my most polished, developed game project.

Additionally, we've shown the game at multiple Bit Bazaar events in Toronto, showing the game to new players and producing merchandise.

Queen Regina Z. Bearington's Sticky Situation (2014)

Paddle down a river & drink as much syrup as you can! Play Here! (Unity Web Player)

This game was made in 3 days at TOjam 9 in a team of 4 people:

  • Andrew Afan - Programming
  • Emily Claire Afan - Writing
  • Patrick Rainville - Music
  • Myself - Art & Design

The game proved to be  popular with just about everybody! I was surprised at how competitive my friends got over it.

Below you can see some mockups for updated visuals.


Archville (2014)

A simple turn-based multiplayer arena game where you must collect 3 coins before your opponent while avoiding enemies. This game was made in two days at Global Game Jam 2014, with Patrick Rainville.

Though the game was turn based, the order players went in your timing determined what order you go in. You could also use a boomerang to freeze enemies, block opponents, and grab coins.

Draak Attack (2012)

A fantasy game where the player takes control of a Dragon taking revenge on his captors. Designed for mobile.

I provided background, character art, and scene illustrations.

Characters animated by Waldek Rak.

Above: Art & Character Designs from various self-initiated games.